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Contributor guide

Repository organization

This repo is divided into modules that provide related functions, each in a subfolder. The parent geniml/ folder holds functionality that spans across modules, such as the general (top-level) argument parser (in, constants (, and any other utility or general-purpose code that is used across modules.

Using modules from Python

This repo is divided into modules. Each module should be written in a way that it provides utility as a Python library. For example, you can call functions in the hmm module like this:

import geniml


Command-line interfaces

In addition to being importable from Python, some modules also provide a CLI. For these, developers provide a subcommand for CLI use. The root geniml package provides a generalized command-line interface with the command geniml. The modules that provide CLIs then correspond to CLI commands, e.g geniml hmm or geniml likelihood, with the corresponding code contained within a sub-folder named after the model:

geniml <module> ...

This is implemented within each module folder with:

  • geniml/<module>/ - defines the command-line interface and provides a subparser for this module's CLI command.

Adding a new module

To add functionality to geniml, you could add it to an existing module. Or, if no existing module fit, you could add a new module.

Creating your module

Each module should be written in a way that it provides utility as a Python library. Organize your module with these files:

  • /docs/tutorials/<module>.md - describes how to use the code
  • /geniml/<module>/, and other .py files - functions that provide utility for this module.

All the functions should be written to be useful via import, calling with geniml.<module>.<function>. For example:

import geniml


Adding your module to geniml

  1. Put your module in a subfolder.
  2. Make sure to include a so it's importable.
  3. Add it to list of packages in
  4. If it makes sense to have a CLI for this module, implement it in geniml/<module_name>/ Link this into the main cli by putting it under an appropriate command name following the pattern for other modules in geniml/

Shared code

Any variables, functions, or other code that is shared across modules should be placed in the parent module, which is held in the geniml folder.