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Build the container locally

Running with uvicorn provides auto-reload. To configure, this assumes you have previously set up databio/secrets.

  1. Source .env file to populate the environment variables referenced in the configuration file.
  2. Start bedhost using uvicorn and pass the configuration file via the BEDBASE_CONFIG env var.
source ../
BEDBASE_CONFIG=../ uvicorn bedhost.main:app --reload

You can change the database you're connecting to by using a different config file: - Using a local config: BEDBASE_CONFIG=../bbconf/tests/data/config.yaml uvicorn bedhost.main:app --reload - With new database: BEDBASE_CONFIG=../ uvicorn bedhost.main:app --reload

Now, you can access the service at Example endpoints: - - - -

Running the server in Docker

Building image

  • Primary image: docker build -t databio/bedhost -f .Dockerfile .
  • Dev image docker build -t databio/bedhost:dev -f dev.Dockerfile .
  • Test image: docker build -t databio/bedhost:dev -f test.Dockerfile .

Existing images can be found at dockerhub.

Deploying updates automatically